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Sinners! We had to consolidate our work into one handy CD to save carrying around so much at gigs! The best of was voted in a poll by the Sinners. This has 17 tracks of our past works! We forgot to put F.R.E.A.K.S. on there because were idiots...


1. Devils Got My Soul
2. Causa Mortis
3. Home is Where The Crazies Are
4. Letting Go
5. Raised By Villains
6. Dr Jazz
7. Loose Lips Sink Ships
8. Beelzebub Boogie
9. Am I?
10. Monotony
11. Barrel Of A Gun
12. Midday Drinking
13. Worked To Death
14. Stone Cold
15. I Don't Want To Go Home
16. Spooky 365
17. Every Fight Is A Food Fight For A Cannibal

Victor and the Bully - Old Enemies. New Beginnings (Best Of Album)

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