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Hello you beautiful Sinners! I hope you're all keeping well! I wanted to give you all an update!

New Music Video - the new official music video for Automatic Hearts will be released on 1st July and takes place immediately after the Wide Open Video. This is a real stripped back version and shows the more 'human' side of Victor and the Bully. We know you will love the vibe of this and can't wait to show you! This is currently up for viewing on our Patreon Page!

New TShirt and Enamel Badges - We are taking Pre Orders on these and looking to send out in August! The badges will probably be sent earlier. Make sure you headnover to our site and make sure you grab your size!

Gigs - In July we will be playing a Local show at Herofest ‘23 which is a fantastic event that supports Help for Heroes, 8th July we are at Papplewick Pumping Station and 14-16th we are headlining Saturday night at Fantasy Forest!

Music - We are currently working hard on new tracks that will get your feet moving and joining in with that usual Victor and the Bully fashion! We have songs about bears, haunted arcades, leaving heaven and many more which you can check out our ideas as they're being made on our Patreon

Sinner Society and Website - Thanks so much to everyone who signed up and we hope you're enjoying having a separate space from the usual garbage of social media sites. Also feel free to share what you do on it!

Saxophone 🎷 - it's coming... soon... I did a trial run at the weekend and I was happy with my playing!

Thanks a lot for your continued support and know that we're still working hard!

Much love

Victor and the Bully

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